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At Decked Out Geckos, our mission is to serve those looking for healthy, beautiful, and ethically produced Leopard Geckos no matter the level of experience. We strive to produce cutting edge Leopard Gecko morphs and educate along the way. We believe that we have a responsibility to help others, and we do so in many ways, such as our podcast, Strength In Leos.

We are here to leave the reptile world a better place than we found it through the quality of the geckos we produce and holding ourselves higher than the industry standards. Through pushing boundaries and creating informational content to serve our customers, we hope to shift the narrative in what it means to keep these fantastic creatures.

Regardless of the animal's monetary worth, we put the same effort in love into every gecko that comes out of our facility. Just as we pride ourselves in the care of our animals, we are always here in every step of the transaction to help you find the perfect Leopard Gecko for you. We are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have both at the time of purchase and at any later date. 

-Evan Wooldridge 

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